Giving back to the community is important.  When we give to people in need, it makes us feel good about the impact we make on people around us and the impact on the community.  We want to make a positive impression on the world and one way we do this is by doing events in Albuquerque that help people who can’t afford legal services.  One of those services we have provided recently was for Albuquerque Law-La-Palooza.

Larry Donahue, Attorney and Founder of Slingshot Law and Law 4 Small Business had an opportunity to go and provide pro-bono Attorney services at Albuquerque Law-La-Palooza. 

The Volunteer Attorney Program is a program of New Mexico Legal Aid. Our mission is to expand and support an active statewide network of volunteer attorneys, paralegals, and law students to meet the civil justice needs of low-income New Mexicans in all communities throughout the state.

Volunteer Attorney Program

If you are an Attorney, Paralegal, or Law Student and want to join this volunteer program, click here to sign up today.

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