Knowing the difference could save you thousands!

You may consider them an Independent Contractor for your business, but how you treat these individuals will ultimately determine the outcome of a potential lawsuit.  Since your business could be on the hook for thousands, and its reputation potentially sullied in a lawsuit, it is important for business owners who work with “Independent Contractors” to take the time to learn more.  

 For example, are Independent Contractors considered employees when a business owner applies for PPP funds?  Can you write an Independent Contractor up for bad performance or behavioral issues?  Are business owners liable for the acts of an Independent Contractor?

Join attorney Ian Alden for this important and informative workshop where he explains everything a business owner needs to know about Independent Contractors

Watch the entire workshop here on the L4SB YouTube Channel.

Do you have questions or concerns about employees vs. contractors? Reach out to L4SB today for consultation.

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