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What’s So Important About Operating Agreements ?

Well, to start with, it is one of the most important documents associated with your business yet in so many instances it is the least considered.  In fact, a frightening amount of small business owners merely downloaded a generic form and signed it when starting their business with little knowledge as to what was in the document. 

The Operating Agreement for your business dictates not only who owns your business but how exactly it should run.  Bad Operating Agreements can cost business owners thousands of dollars and is a contributing factor for difficulty in qualifying for business loans or, more recently PPP funding. 

It’s vitally important to learn why you need to have a specific, detailed and most importantly, consistently updated Operating Agreement on hand at all times.

Since Operating Agreements are so important, L4SB has teamed up with the New Mexico Small Business Development Center to bring a free and informative workshop to small business owners.

You can watch the workshop HERE in its entirety on L4SB’s YouTube Channel.

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