L4SB is Now Open for Business

So, here we are. Where to begin.

It’s been an interesting ride thus far. About 15 years as a COO; Corporate counsel to several successful startups and high-tech companies. My last entrepreneurial venture was Deep Web Technologies, a software company that produced “federated search” for libraries, government agencies and the Fortune 500.

Working at a small company is difficult, demanding work. The primary goals are selling, serving customers and meeting payroll. Everything else is secondary. Including getting the “legal stuff” right. But as corporate counsel, that was my job: Making sure the legal stuff gets done right, without getting in the way of the primary goals of the business.

This website, and business (Law 4 Small Business, shortened to L4SB), was put together to found a different kind a law firm. A law firm that truly understands business. A law firm that caters to the needs of business.

I hope you find this website useful to learn about who I am and what L4SB can do for your business. We’re open for business. Anytime.

Law 4 Small Business (L4SB), a law firm devoted to small and medium businesses.

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