Here at Law 4 Small Business P.C. (L4SB), we help our clients create all kinds of different companies including the popular New Mexico Anonymous LLC. This service is especially popular because one does not need to live or do business in NM to utilize the protections of a New Mexico Anonymous LLC.

In our prior post we detailed the difference between a LLC vs. an Anonymous LLC. Just to recap, an Anonymous LLC is, “a LLC where the ownership information (i.e. members) of the LLC are not made publicly available by the state where the LLC is registered. This is accomplished by forming a LLC in a particular state that supports such anonymous LLC’s, and then using a third-party to act as the organizer and registered agent of the LLC.” But will a New Mexico Anonymous LLC work for you? This blog article will help you determine if an Anonymous LLC is right for your business.

Side Note- keep in mind that a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is not for everyone. If you are not sure if a LLC is right for you, we recommend that you read our previous article on Choosing the Right Corporate Formation before reading this article. Please make sure that a LLC can work with your particular company before deciding on one.

Real World Examples

Who can benefit from a New Mexico Anonymous LLC? We’ve showcased some real world examples to better illustrate what an Anonymous LLC can do. Keep in mind that these are not the only ways an Anonymous LLC can work.

  • Landlords and Real Estate Investors- Anonymous LLCs offer a layer of privacy for landlords who have been stalked or harassed by tenants. Unlike a traditional LLC, the owner of a New Mexico Anonymous LLC is not public information.
  • Prior Victims- many persons seek out an Anonymous LLC as a response to a crime, lawsuit or dispute against themselves or their business. They want to keep doing business but feel that having their name attached to it would lead to more trouble.
  • Persons Dealing With Large Contracts- many persons bidding on large and potentially confidential contracts prefer a New Mexico Anonymous LLC to keep their supply chain information away from the competitor’s eyes.

Ask Yourself these Questions

Answer the following questions with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

  • Do you mind having your name synonymous with your business?
  • Has your privacy been breached previously? For example, was your private information published online?
  • Will you be doing business with a public figure or celebrity? Concierges, wealth managers and PR consultants can all benefit from another layer of privacy.
  • Does your business cater to a sensitive or controversial area? Some examples include security or cyber-security companies.
  • Do you feel the possibility of harassment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a New Mexico Anonymous LLC might be the right choice for you. An Anonymous LLC provides an additional layer of privacy for your business. If you are forming a company, you owe it to yourself to consider an Anonymous LLC.

Final Thoughts

Remember that this article is just an introduction and does not capture the complexity and issues that can emerge when running an Anonymous LLC. As we previously mentioned, an anonymous LLC is not a vehicle for tax evasion, criminal activities or (illegally) hiding assets. An Anonymous LLC merely prevents members of the public from looking up ownership information online at the secretary of state’s office.

Ready to start your business and keep your personal information private? Form your anonymous LLC online with us! If you have additional questions, please contact us or comment below.

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