On July 1st, 2017, Law 4 Small Business, P.C. (L4SB) merged with Business Law Southwest, LLC (BLSW), forming one of the largest, more progressive, business-focused law firms in the southwest United States.

L4SB has been dedicated to the needs of small business owners since its inception in 2011, focused on providing low-cost and flat-rate legal services to businesses exclusively. By enabling clients to purchase legal services over the Internet, L4SB competes on a nationwide-basis with the non-licensed legal providers, offering high-quality LLC Formation, Trademark Registration, Flat-Rate Contract Review, and more, as well as partners with affiliate lawyers in a number of states, including Texas, Florida and Illinois. L4SB excels at Internet-based legal services and transactional work, such as drafting contracts, mergers and acquisitions, corporate formations and more.

BLSW represents a more traditional approach to legal services, and has built a name for itself in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas for its work in complex transactional work and litigation. It has developed an impressive list of clients comprising leading businesses in the southwest, infusing a strategic and consultative approach with its clients to the delivery of legal services.

“I had to face BLSW attorneys as opposing counsel for a number of matters,” says Larry Donahue, founder of L4SB, “and I was always impressed with BLSW’s representation of their clients. They were extremely competent, and seemed to truly seek solutions that favored their clients’ best interests versus what would maximize their legal fees.” Larry added, “When it became clear that L4SB needed to grow, I was honored to merge with BLSW. Their consultative and strategic approach to legal services is the perfect match to L4SB, and now we can provide a truly comprehensive range of legal services to the business community.

These two firms, L4SB and BLSW, will continue to operate and the attorneys of both will serve the needs of all clients. The firms are owned by a holding company called Slingshot, LLC, which is exclusively owned by attorneys and will be making investments in the legal services industry to stay abreast of the rapid changes occurring in the practice of law and the provision of legal services. Our goal is to leverage advancements in technology and information systems, ongoing changes to the professional rules of conduct, and the virtual office capability of the Internet, to make available the very best attorneys, matched to the unique needs of our business clients, to drive down costs and turnaround times for legal services.

For vendor or press inquiries, please call us. For client inquiries, please go to either Law 4 Small Business, P.C. (L4SB) or Business Law Southwest, LLC (BLSW).

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