How the Anonymous LLC allows for Business Owners to protect themselves from being a victim of harassment.

There are many arguments that point to transparency in business ownership as a plus to the community at large. With lighting speed, information that once required the aid of a Private Detective to uncover is now just a few key strokes away. Want to know who owns the smoke shop in your neighborhood that you suspect is selling E-cigs to school kids? You can probably figure it out in just a few Google searches. Want to know if someone is hiding income from you via a business? Quick search at the Secretary of States Website and mystery will most likely be solved. Since it is harder in the age of the internet to hide identities and ownership, business owners are less likely use corporations to shield themselves from the consequences of unsavory business practices or the peddling of questionable goods.

The virtues of being anonymous

However, on the flip side, there are some compelling arguments for why a lack of transparency for some business owners may be less a question of ethical business accountability and more of personal safety. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 6 women and 1 in 19 men have been stalked in their lifetimes. Perhaps you are a high-profile figure who simply doesn’t want their business ventures to be common knowledge for TMZ or crazed fans. Maybe you have been abused by a former spouse or significant other and have real concerns about future victimization. An Anonymous LLC can offer some protection by shielding your identity from individuals who do not necessarily have a legitimate reason to know about the details of your business.

Here at L4SB we specialize in helping business owners set up their businesses correctly, and if desired, anonymously. Start learning more about our Anonymous LLC.

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