This is a reminder to everyone who is considering filing a trademark … The United Stated Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is lowering the fees associated with trademark filings by $50/class code, starting January 17, 2015. The normal rate for a TEAS Plus (electronic) filing is $275 (per class code), and that price will drop to $225 (per class code). Learn more from the USPTO.

L4SB provides online trademark registration services for only $550 plus USPTO fees. L4SB doesn’t add additional expense to the USPTO fees, and will pass on the USPTO reduced pricing immediately to small business owners looking to register or file trademarks on their company name, product brands and more.

There are some important limitations associated with this new pricing:

  • The applicants must maintain the minimum filing requirements for TEAS Plus.
  • The filing fee for all classes listed in the application must be paid at time of the application.
  • The identification of goods or services must be taken directly from the USPTO’s Trademark ID Manual.
  • Certain mark-related information, if applicable, e.g., translation statement regarding non-English wording, color claim and description for marks featuring color must be included with the application.
  • And, a correspondence e-mail address and authorization for the USPTO to send e-mail correspondence concerning the application throughout the application process must be provided.

Any applications missing the above will incur an additional $50 surcharge per class code.

Unlike other trademark registration providers, L4SB passes on all USPTO fee savings to its clients. For example, LegalZoom charges $325 for the filing fee (as far as we can tell, only permits one class code) and if LegalZoom can obtain the lower TEAS Plus rates, it keeps the costs saved for itself. L4SB, on the other hand, will only charge the actual USPTO fees. When a trademark has two or three class codes, the savings of $50 or more per class code can really add up.

Law 4 Small Business. A little law now can save a lot later.

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