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Law 4 Small Business is thrilled to announce the grand opening of two new branch offices in Chicago (Romeoville) and Tampa!

While many of our services are already offered nationwide (such as our LLC Formation and Trademark Registration), there are many services we cannot provide in all states even though we’re often asked for local offices or services in that particular state.

Because of the careful rules that govern the practice of law and the fact that attorneys are licensed to practice law at the state level, it’s very difficult for a lawyer or a law firm to offer legal services across all states. This is one of the significant differences between lawyers and “legal self-help” companies, such as LegalZoom. See our articles entitled, LegalZoom or LegalDoom? and Lawyers, not Scriveners for more information about why you should be using only licensed business attorneys for legal advice.

New Services

In order to meet a worldwide demand for fast, cost-effective legal services targeted to small business; we are working to expand our small business legal services to other cities and states by partnering with small business attorneys in other jurisdictions.

Along those lines, we are proud to announce that we now offer small business legal services in Illinois and Florida. Are you looking for a Chicago Business Lawyer or Tampa Business Lawyer? The excellent business lawyers we have the honor of calling our partners are truly outstanding. They represent small law offices themselves, bring decades of legal experience to our brand and provide additional complementary services and expertise to our offerings.

How We Can Help You

L4SB offers contract review, dispute resolution, negotiations, trademarks, debt collection, forming your new company, and more. We make our services accessible, working without retainer fees and offering many flat-rate services. L4SB is comprised of licensed business attorneys and trained paralegals who work directly with you. As business owners and founders ourselves, we understand your business needs.

Please note that L4SB is a law firm dedicated to the legal needs of small business only. We do NOT possess expertise in divorce, family or domestic issues.

Looking for Like-Minded Business Attorneys

Are you a small business attorney who believes small business owners and leaders are underrepresented in our legal jurisprudence system and need all the help they can get? Are you looking to partner up with like-minded small business lawyers to serve the greater good? If so, contact us to learn about our goals and objectives, and see whether you and/or your firm would be a good fit for our partner network.

Law 4 Small Business. A little law now can save a lot later.

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