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The battle to get a trademark is not an easy one. That is why it is essential you protect your trademark investment. While the USPTO is responsible for assessing and registering trademarks. They have no responsibility to enforce any of the trademarks they have registered. What this means to you is that there is no one out there actively protecting your trademark unless you are paying a service to “monitor” your trademark.

Trademark Monitoring services essentially perform one task. That task is sending a report out that alerts you to trademark applications that have been submitted by other parties that are similar to your registered mark. The problem with most of the Trademark Monitoring Services that are out there are that the simple mailing of a report to their clients is all they do.

Here at L4SB, we are dedicated to providing solid solutions to all of your business concerns. That is why we designed our Trademark Monitoring Service to anticipate and solve problems associated with your trademark before they even start.

First- We help you understand the trademark monitoring report by actually taking the time to explain the report to you. It can be confusing and it is full of a lot of information that the average business owner may not understand.

Second- Our reporting is timely. There is a brief window of time in which you can actually contest a trademark that you feel is too similar to yours. Receiving information about a trademark application you should contest after the time has passed to contest it, won’t help you in your endeavor to protect both your trademark and bushiness.

Third- If you have decided based on the trademark monitoring report to contest a trademark that you feel is infringing on yours, we are here to help. Don’t forget, we are actual lawyers and paralegals who can easily assist you in the next steps whether it be a demand letter, Notice of Opposition to the USPTO or anything else. Best of all, we are always available to consult with you and point you in the best direction.

Your trademark is valuable. It defines your business. Protect it today with L4SB’s Trademark Monitoring Service. We think it is the best service out there- because our Intellectual Property Attorneys designed it to be!

Learn more about our Trademark Monitoring Service HERE.

Want to consult with a licensed attorney about a trademark issue you are having? Schedule a consultation by clicking HERE.

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