Informative Webinar explains the new law and how a business’s payroll system can be a helpful tool.

Join L4SB Attorney Larry Donahue as he hosts this important Webinar on how to Navigate the New Corporate Transparency Act. The Webinar will go over the ins and outs of the new law. Participants will be given access to software developed by that allows business owners to determine who in their organization should be reporting. Also, helpful hints on how to utilize a company’s payroll system in reporting will be discussed.

The Webinar is free, but the information could save you thousands in fines and keep you out of jail!

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L4SB is proud to partner with Payday HCM for this Webinar.


PayDay HCM is a payroll provider dedicated to the success of the businesses they serve. Payday HCM’s comprehensive platform provides a single sign on, web-based solution that manages the entire employee lifecycle—from hire to retire. With easy-to-navigate, interactive technology, our solution gives your organization unmatched, robust functionality for administering your human capital management processes. Learn more about PayDay by visiting their website at

Law 4 Small Business. A little law now can save a lot later. A Slingshot company

Learn more about the Corporate Transparency Act by reading our blog HERE 

Ready to start reporting? Let L4SB do the heavy lifting. Learn more about out BOI Reporting Service for small business HERE.

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