Hiring a competent New Mexico Registered Agent is a very important component of starting a business. One of the very first tasks, when thinking about how to start a business, whether a limited liability company (LLC), or any form of company corporation, is to pick a registered agent in the state (or states) you want to do business, and register your company.

Business Attorneys as your New Mexico Registered Agent.

For example, suppose you want to form a LLC, and you have an office in Texas, and want to have territories in New Mexico and Arizona? You would register your LLC in Texas as a domestic limited liability company, and you would register your LLC in New Mexico and Arizona as foreign limited liability companies. In all states, you would need to designate a registered agent with your company registration. If you’re located in Texas, you can use yourself as your own registered agent. But, because all states require a physical address in the state of registration, you could not use yourself as a registered agent in New Mexico or Arizona, unless you had a real, physical address in those states. In this example, you would hire a New Mexico Registered Agent, like Law 4 Small Business, to act as your registered agent in New Mexico. You would do the same for Arizona.

Business Attorneys Make Great New Mexico Registered Agents

Consider using Law 4 Small Business (L4SB) as your New Mexico Registered Agent for any corporate filings in New Mexico. L4SB is a law firm, with real business lawyers and attorneys who review your filing and give you the peace-of-mind that your registrations are complete and filled out correctly. The benefits include:

  • Greater anonymity and protection by using a business attorney as your New Mexico Registered Agent
  • Peace-of-mind that a real business lawyer has reviewed your filing(s)
  • Speed and accuracy
  • For no additional cost, L4SB will scan-in and email any notices sent to your company at the Registered Agent’s address (up to 4/month)

L4SB charges a flat-rate price of $129 per filing per year, not including the filing fees charged by the NM Secretary of State (Corporations Bureau). There are extra fees associated with re-mailing or FedEx’ing legal notices (although scanned and email, up to 4/month, are free).

L4SB can also help you fill out the right filing, and answer your questions, all for a small additional fee. Get started now.

Law 4 Small Business (L4SB). A little law now can save a lot later. The home of the flat-rate contract review, and your source for experienced and affordable business lawyers.

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