Recently I had great opportunity to speak with Law Students from the University of New Mexico School of Law.  I saw this as a great opportunity promote L4SB but also reach out to the lawyers of tomorrow and provide them useful information that I would have enjoyed during my time in law school.  Giving back to my community is something that I have a passion for, as well as everyone at Law 4 Small Business.

Jonathan Schuchardt, Jeffrey Albright, Svitlana Anderson, Talia Kosh and I spoke about Intellectual Property and life as a lawyer after graduating.  During the event we were given a range of topics to discuss such as Copyright, Trademark, Lawyer work/life balance and Intellectual Property.  After the topics were discussed, the student had an opportunity to ask questions to the panel of lawyers.  One of the questions asked was about trademark.  In the video, I gave a brief overview to help the student understand the question.

If you want to learn more about trademarks, please make sure to check out our youtube channel.

Marco Santamaria coordinated the event at the School of Law building at UNM and provided food, drinks, and mixer afterward.  The event was very successful with over twenty students in attendance.  The mixer afterward was fun and professional, giving potential lawyers the face to face time to meet each of us and find out more about their potential careers.

It’s exciting to see law students be enthusiastic about the topics I get work with daily.  Copyright, trademarks, intellectual property and LLC formation are topics I am passionate about and glad to share my experience with others.  Many of the students I spoke with after were excited to learn more about how they can enrich their careers.

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