Criminal Record Expungement is Effective January 1, 2020

A comprehensive new expungement law in New Mexico authorizes courts to limit public access to non-conviction records one year after disposition if no other charges are pending, and to most convictions for felonies, misdemeanors and municipal ordinances after varying waiting periods.

The ACLU of New Mexico describes it as follows, “expunged records will be removed from public view and are no longer reported on background checks. A person whose record is expunged may answer “no” when asked if they have ever been arrested or convicted. District Attorneys and certain employers requiring security clearance may still have access to expunged records.”

Specifically, the law allows for expungement in the following circumstances:

  1. Identity theft.
  2. Release without conviction.
  3. Upon conviction.
    (after completion of sentence, payment of fines and having a specified amount of time pass since conviction)

Certain crimes cannot be expunged. If your crime involved:

  • An offense committed against a child?
  • An offense that caused great bodily harm or death to another person?
  • A sex offense?
  • Embezzlement?
  • An offense involving driving while under the influence (i.e. DUI or DWI)?

The New Mexico Criminal Record Expungement Act (NMCREA) will not permit expungement in these specific circumstances.

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  1. I would like to find out if my felony records can be expunged. I was convincted for one felony in 1999 and the other was in 2006. The one in 99 I was wrongfully charged but didn’t have the money or resources to fight it.

  2. My name is Katrina Allen and I’m trting to start a new business but I have a criminal record that I need to get espunged.

    1. Hi, Katrina.

      We have an intelligent “expungement interview” for your to take. It will tell you whether you qualify (under the laws of NM) for expungement. You can access that interview with this link:

      If you do qualify, then we can help you. Follow the links, and you can order the service from us online.

      Thank you. Larry.

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