Don, Ian and Larry are returning to ESPN Radio on 5/7/2020 @ 3 pm!

L4SB is remaining focused on getting Small Businesses through the COVID-19 Crisis.

This is an updated day and time!

Discussion Topics:

Tune in to Team up for New Mexico show on 101.7 The Team, Thursday, May 7, 2020  from 3-4 pm. The Team Up New Mexico crew will be welcoming Business Attorneys Larry Donahue and Don Kochersberger as well as Tax Attorney, Ian Alden  from  Law 4 Small Business to discuss how NM Business can successfully navigate the COVID 19 Pandemic. 

  • Are unemployment benefits taxable?
  • What are some of the less advertised tax benefits of the stimulus bills?
  • What other tax changes can we expect from future stimulus measures?
  • What’s going on with tax deadlines this year?
  • Are the $1,200 stimulus checks taxable and will recipients have to repay that money at some point?
  • Why every business owner should have a Business Succession Plan at a time like this.
  • Can business owners sue the Government for their business losses?
  • Why what is written in your Operating Agreement matters a lot right now.

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