Hear what Patent Attorney Kameron Kramer has to say about Trade Secret or Patent. Two very different areas of the law, with their pros and cons, can help protect your invention or critical business processes.

Trade Secret or Patent: Kameron Kramer shares his expertise with the Orlando Business Journal

Attorney and Managing Partner of the Law 4 Small Business Texas Office, Kameron Kramer is featured in the Orlando Business Journal this month.

With a technical background gained as a chemical engineer, Kameron uses his varied skills to provide general counsel, start-up, and intellectual property services to many small to medium sized businesses. Kameron has extensive experience as a licensed patent attorney, performing freedom-to-operate, prior art, and validity searches, as well as drafting and prosecuting patent applications, having worked on patents ranging from musical instruments to simple mechanical devices to software.

In the featured article, Kameron discusses: Trade secrets or patents? Do you file a patent and get federal protection, or do you try to keep your invention secret?

Law 4 Small Business, P.C. (L4SB). A little law now can save a lot later. A Slingshot company.

Read Kameron’s article in the Orlando Business Journal here.

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