The Lucky Leaf Expo is returning to New Mexico October 21-22, 2022.

About Lucky Leaf Expos

Lucky Leaf’s passion for the cannabis industry propels them to bring the best, most prolific cannabis trade shows and events possible. Lucky Leaf has personally seen the positive impact that cannabis has made on people’s lives. They have seen individuals’ health and wellbeing thrive. They have seen people discover business opportunities that weren’t possible only a few years ago, and they have witnessed the rising influence cannabis has had on local economies.

Lucky Leaf cannabis trade shows attract industry-leading experts who present the latest insights and hottest topics in the cannabis industry. As such, L4SB is proud to have Associate Attorney, Kelly Davis presenting the “Cannabis Business Crash Course” segment of the Expo.

Kelly Lucky Leaf
L4SB Associate Attorney Kelly Davis

Learn more about the Expo and purchase tickets by visiting: lucky-leaf-expo-albuquerque-tickets

Ready to consult with an attorney today about starting a Cannabis Business in New Mexico? Schedule your NM Cannabis Attorney Consultation by clicking on the link below.

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