How business owners can pay a small fee for a wealth of information.

You may think phrases such as “Let me consult with my attorney” may not apply to a small business owner. But, think again. Everyone has the ability to consult with an attorney about all kinds of business matters.

What does it mean, to consult with an attorney?

An attorney consultation is simply having a discussion with an attorney about whatever is on your mind. I like to frame it as the thoughts that are keeping you up at night about your business. For large corporations, the management team has corporate counsel or “in house attorneys” on the payroll, so they can simply send an email or walk into their business’s attorneys office for a discussion on matters. For small business owners, who do not have an attorney on their payroll, the process is just a bit different.

L4SB offers a variety of attorney consultations where business owners can go to and schedule a consultation with an attorney about a specific concern. Perhaps it is a general business question? Some concerns about taxes? Questions about copyrights or trademarks? For a flat fee and no further obligation, a business owner can pick the brain of a licensed attorney to determine if they need to retain an actual attorney for a matter or simply to put their mind at ease.

Common Situations Where Attorney Consultations Save Both Time and Money

Traditionally, hiring an attorney means that you sign an “Engagement Agreement” with the attorney or law firm agreeing to using them for issues regarding the matter you are discussing with them and to pay a stated hourly fee (s). Oftentimes, a retainer or down payment if you will, is required before the attorney will start working on your matter for you.

Consultations are less formal. Case in point- Intellectual Property. Suppose you need to file a trademark. Since you are a business owner and not a Trademark Attorney, you are probably not aware of the rules and regulations around trademarks. If you simply do the paperwork yourself or use a non- attorney service such as Legal Zoom to file your trademark, you may think you have saved yourself money, but chances are you have actually cost yourself. Filing a trademark requires application fees and time to complete the paperwork. All the more reason why having your application denied is so frustrating. It opens the door for more fees and paperwork which result in a business owner spending lots of money and time on the endeavor. (Yes, it is true. Almost 80% of all trademark applications are denied.) Now, if a business owner consults with an Trademark Attorney first, they greatly increase the odds in their favor that their trademark will be approved the first time, saving time and money!

Another instance where consultations come in handy are during heated or emotional circumstances. In most of these instances it is a simple discussion to determine if you even need a lawyer or if it makes sense to file a lawsuit. A business owner may be fired up about something- an issue with a client, employee or vendor for instance. They may be ready to file a lawsuit. However, simply by consulting with an attorney first about the pros and cons of filing a lawsuit could save a business owner thousands.

Why Are Attorney Consultations So Great?

Simply put, it is the legal equivalent of asking for directions or consulting a map if you are lost. Sure, you could spend time driving around without any good navigation, but really, this only increases the possibility of running out of gas and making more wrong turns that only further complicate your situation.

At the end of the day, it will save you money and keep you from making knee jerk decisions that could have serious consequences for your business.

Remember, as a business owner, you need to focus on what you are good at. As a good manager, you need to make sure you have the “right” people handling the situations you are not well trained or educated on. An Attorney Consultation costs between $100-$200 with no obligation for future payments. It is money well spent for the overall health of your business.

There Are Lots Of Attorney Consultations To Choose From.

At L4SB, we like to think we have all of your business concerns covered. That is why we offer many different attorney consultations related to issues that may come up in your business. The process is simple. Pick the type of consultation you are interested in. Schedule a time that works for you and pay the fee online. Then, when your consultation day and time arrive, you will have an attorney versed in the subject matter your are interested in at your service. It’s really is that simple.

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